Regional round in Malaysia

The Malaysia regional round of the 21st Osaka International Music Competition is going to be up and running. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this year in 2020! The spirit of this competition is to find fine artists from all around the world and offer opportunities for them to compete in an international platform. The competition is dedicated to promoting arts and culture under the banner of world peace and mutual understanding. The competition is open to all nationalities. 



This year in 2020, we have decided to run the DVD/Youtube/Video screening through online submission. Please refer to the downloadable syllabus below. Successful candidates are eligible to partake in the Finals in Osaka. Click Here for an update on the competition Finals in light of Covid-19 pandemic.



Violin Section 1: Fengning Guo, Madeline Goh (Best Performer's Award, Gold), 

Violin Section 3: Hu Zhihan, Lee Ming Zhou, Sarah Xuan En Goh Cazaly, Yuna Miura,

Cello Section 1: Abigail Su Jean Chia, Grace Chew, Sebastian Tan Poe Ryu

Cello Section 3: Grace Chew

Piano Section 1: Aliya Turetayeva, Yapriono Ritz Efrason Edisyams

Piano Section 2: Aliya Turetayeva (Best Performer's Award, Silver), Beatrice Khor Xin Yu (Best Performer's Award, Silver)

Piano Section 3:  Panitcha Daomukda (Best Performer's Award, Bronze), Sia Ee Wen, Sia Ee Lise, Sydney Aurelle Siswanto 

Harp Section 1: Katie Heron

Voice Section 1: Chloe Leruth

Voice Section 3: Hinano Minami

Flute Section 1: Rebecca Lim

Flute Section 3: Inez Hafina Heemeskerk

Harmonica Section 2: Soon Yu Ling



Please choose from the following three sections for the entry.  Multiple entries are welcome.


Click HERE for Application process. 

Click HERE for Syllabus Download (.pdf)

Should you require an accompanist, please click HERE.


Malaysia Regional Round: Only accepting DVD/Youtube/Online Video Submission

Application Deadline: 25th July, 2020 (Submission of the video)


It would be of tremendous help if we can receive any support to make the Malaysia Regional Round better. Any amount of support would be much appreciated. Please click "support us" below for more information. 

This first section is the open category for Piano, Vocal, String, and Woodwind players. Click the image above for more information. 

The second section here is for  Solo recital, Four hands, Folk Instruments, Concerto Audition and Ensemble groups who seek for artistic perfections. 

Section three is for Youth & Amateurs (non-music majors/music professionals) from young to elderly, who are passionate in expressing their own unique music. 

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