April 2020


The Organisers are following news and development of the Covid-19 global situation closely. There are many uncertainties given the constant state of flux and as such, we  resonate with the general public’s concerns regarding health and safety for all.


We hope that we will be able to come to an informed decision regarding the finals as we observe how things develop within the next few months. While we hope for the best that a live finals would materialise , we must still prepare for all possible outcomes.


What is definite here is that for the Malaysia regional round which is conducted via video submission and audition, the regional award in the form of award certificates will be given out to successful applicants who scored the highest among all and participation certs for all participants regardless of whether they proceed to the finals in Osaka.


We hope at such time, to be able to bring music learners and enthusiasts together in spirit and give all something to look forward to. Better yet, a goal to work towards - be it progress in the discipline of practice, maturity in the understanding of music or the elevation of one’s standard of musicianship.