fee for regional round

dRegional Round: 


RM 350 for all categories and sections per candidate per entry for the Regional Round.  (Except for "Four Hands" and "Ensemble" where the fee will be required as a pair/a group & not per person)


※ Travel, accommodation and other costs incurred in the course of participation in seminars and concerts will be borne by participants.

※ The registration fee information for the final round participants is HERE.


The payment for the regional round should be made via PayPal at the link below. (We have removed direct bank transfer option for security reasons. Please note that PayPal will add its service charge fee of 3.9% + 0.50 USD as the domestic rate of south-east asia


The committee member will get in touch via email to confirm the acceptance of entry after the payment has gone through along with the online application form, profile photo & the short biography no longer than 500 words. If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. 


(If you still haven't filled in the online form, please fill in from HERE after the payment)