Yuriko KOYAMA, Piano



Ms.Yuriko Koyama, a pianist from Osaka, began her piano at the age of four in Yamaha Music School and she started to win 1st prizes in Kyoto Piano Festivals, Kyoto Piano Competitions as well as those organized by the Yamaha.

Ms.Yuriko is a graduate from the Kyoto City University of Arts where she studied her piano under Prof. Masayasu Sakata.


During her university time, she was particularly passionate about the contemporary music; A rare occasion, in a final year, by the pianist who showcased the latest contemporary compositions as the pieces’ first performer.

After the graduation, her further studies at Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest where she studied with Prof. Kalman Drafi, a renowned Liszt player, broadened her horizon of performances externally. Ms.Yuriko enjoys ensemble works too and her vast experience in collaboration with strings, voice, woodwind and brass instruments, often brought much attention and favoritism among the fellow musicians. She has been performing frequently in solo recitals and joint collaborations as well in places such as Osaka, Kanagawa and Kyoto. Ms. Yuriko currently resides in Shah Alam, teaching and raising young musicians as well as helping out music students at the UiTM. 


Should you require any help regarding the accompaniment, please contact her directly from the following Email address. She will be in charge of all applicants in Kuala Lumpur Round.