For Amateurs only. 

(Note: Students from Music High School/Universities/Colleges, or members of performing groups/organisations/paid professionals are ineligible.)


Piano Outstanding Amateurs Course (POA): Graduates of any music school who do not derive their principal source of income through piano performance or instruction are eligible.


Silver Course: Graduates of any music school who do not perform or teach primarily for professional pursuits or financial benefit for more than ten years.


Virtuoso Course: For advanced learner. Born before March 31st, 2005. No upper age limit.

Excellence Course: Born before March 31, 2002, no upper limit on age.

Superior Course: Born between April 1st, 2002 ~ March 31st, 2005.

Senior Course: Those who have started to learn music as a beginner level. (For 18 years old and over)

Silver Course: For 70 years old and over.


Ensemble Course/Duo: No age limit. The group must be less than eight members.

REPERTOIRE FOR POA (No Age limit. Piano Only.):


For Regional Round in Malaysia

(Approximate Duration 15 minutes) 


1) Any piece(s) or movement(s) chosen by the contestant.



For Final Round in Osaka 

(Approximate Duration 20-30 minutes)



1) One or more pieces should be chosen by the contestant. The piece(s) for the finals should be different from the ones chosen for the Regional Round.


REPERTOIRE FOR OTHER COURSES (All other instruments including ensembles):


(Note: Playing by memory is not required for Excellence, Superior, Senior, Silver and Ensemble Courses in the regional round.)


One piece chosen by the contestant.Classical Guitar players can choose more than one piece. 

The approximate duration of performance:


Virtuoso Course: 10 minutes 

Excellence Course: 5 minutes

Superior Course: 5 minutes

Ensemble Course: 5 minutes

Senior Course: 4 minutes

Silver Course: 4 minutes



Final Round: One piece chosen by the contestant. The contestant may choose to perform the same pieces as the ones from the Regional Round. The approximate duration of the performance is the same as the Regional Round.

(Note: Playing by memory is not required for Silver and Ensemble Courses in the final round.)